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Colored In by Mango16 Colored In :iconmango16:Mango16 2 8 Tonight by Mango16 Tonight :iconmango16:Mango16 0 0 O.C by Mango16 O.C :iconmango16:Mango16 0 0
Skillet-Last Night
You come to me, with scars on your wrist
You tell me this is the last night feeling like this
Just came say goodbye, didn't want you to see me cry. Im fine.
But I know it's a lie...
This is the last night you'll spend alone
Look me in the eyes so I know you know I'm everywhere you want me to be
The last night you'll spend alone, I'll wrap you in my arms and I wont let go.
I'm everything you need me to be.
Your parents say everything is your fault.
But they don't know you like I know you, They dont know you at all.
So sick of when they say, It's just a phase you'll be okay. You're fine.
But I know it's a lie...
This is the last night you'll spend alone.
Look me in the eyes so I know you know I'm everywhere you want me to be
The last night you'll soend alone. I'll wrap you in my arms and I wont let go.
I'm everything you need me to be.
The last night away from me...
The night is so long when everythings wrong and If you give me your hand I will help you hold on.
:iconmango16:Mango16 2 5
Little Girl
She stands there,
Long brown hair,
beautiful blue eyes.
Too young to know why,
why kids are soo mean,
why they tease her,
why they call her names.
She sits there,
Minnie mouse skirt,
Purple baby glasses.
Too little to understand,
understand what they are doing,
Understand what they see,
Understand what they mean.
She crys there,
clear tears on her shirt,
Fake jewlery glistening.
Too sad to care,
To care about them,
To care about herself,
To care about the world.
She promises there,
Determination on her little face,
Hands in a fist...
She promises herself,
Promises to be a fighter,
Promises to stand up to them,
Promises to be stronger.
Now shes fifteen,
looking back she crys,
She crys for her self,
and she crys for why she changed.
Now shes full of regret,
Regretting that she let them change her,
That they put her down,
They made her cry.
Never again...
Will they change me...
I promise...
:iconmango16:Mango16 2 10
Red flower by Mango16 Red flower :iconmango16:Mango16 1 22
Rues lullaby
Deep in the meadow,
Under the willow
A bed of grass,
A soft green pillow
Lay down your head,
And close your sleepy eyes.
And when again they open,
The sun will rise.
Here it's safe,
Here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm.
Here your dreams are sweet,
And tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you.
Deep in the meadow,
Hidden far away
A cloak of leaves,
A moonbeam ray
Forget your woes,
And let your troubles lay.
And when again it's morning,
They'll wash away.
Here it's safe,
Here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm.
Here your dreams are sweet,
And tomorrow brings them true.
Here is the place where I love you.
:iconmango16:Mango16 25 25
Brook by Mango16 Brook :iconmango16:Mango16 3 14 Brook by Mango16 Brook :iconmango16:Mango16 0 8
Let you go
I sit here,
tears streaking down my face.
looking out the window,
wishing on a star.
I cry for you,
how I lost you.
the pain that she will put you through,
when she gets bored of you.
the thought of you in pain,
kills me.
slowly but surely,
I am dying inside.
Your tears,
will finish me off.
I will lay here,
untill that day.
when she will look at you,
"were done now go away."
and when you sit there,
wishing on a star.
I will be by your side,
and I will never,
let you go.
:iconmango16:Mango16 0 9
"you dont matter anymore"
the voice in my head taunts me,
putting me down,
making me cry.
"Just shoot yourself no one would care"
I look at my wrists,
covered in blood
hot tears streak my face
as I stare out the window
its true
no one would care
if I left.
why would it matter?
im just a girl.
I look at the note sitting next to me,
telling my friends I love them
the knife on the floor dripping with blood
the gun in my hand shines in the light
I pull it up to the side of my head,
close my eyes and put my finger on the trigger
"do it, he wouldnt care! he doesnt even love you! NO ONE DOES!"
the gun drops onto the floor
I fall back shaking
looking at the hole I made in my wall,
instead of in  my head
"your weak..."
I close my eyes
too scared to open them.
:iconmango16:Mango16 2 28
Music by Mango16 Music :iconmango16:Mango16 0 0
you yell
"hes yours"
I say
you yell
"he hates me"
I say
you yell
"Ill try"
I say
and all it does is repeat.
This meaningless conversation we have.
As you glare at me in the hallway,
holding him, and protecting him from me.
All i can really do is sit,
and cry as you hold his hand
kissing him in front of me,
making sure that there is no way,
He will ever...
Be mine
:iconmango16:Mango16 2 46
I try to hold him...
I really do.
But im afraid,
Because if I hold him
He will leave me,
and go back to you
:iconmango16:Mango16 2 22
Collab my part by Mango16 Collab my part :iconmango16:Mango16 3 7 New ID by Mango16 New ID :iconmango16:Mango16 1 0


My hands are small and shakey,
but the callouses on my palms
tell of strength beyond vision.
These hands
have carried broken souls,
nurtured them
all while building walls around my own.
Stones with jagged edges
scarred theses hands.
Little rough looking scars
that burn on contact.
But resentment does not lie in my heart for them.
These little lines of flesh,
show I survived.
These scars are trophies of triumph.
Like tattoos, my hands show where I've been.
When you look at these little hands of mine
do not scrutinize the long, slender fingers
or the way they shake
and the joints pop.
When my palm clasps yours,
feel the callouses.
When my hands are up in surrender,
see the scars.
:icongaytacos:GaYtAcOs 10 4
Not Like Her
She's got a smile
that'll charm you into anything.
Hair as shiny as a raven's wing
and skin clear as crystal.
Why can't I be like her?
Her grades are high,
talents endless.
She's got the voice of an angel.
Why can't I be like her?
She's got her thumb on success
with a guaranteed full ride.
Clubs and people skills are her thing.
Why can't I be like her?
She's comfortable with herself.
There is no picking at her image in the mirror,
or overanalyzing,
or wondering why she's not good enough.
She's got everything and more.
Why can't I be like her
:icongaytacos:GaYtAcOs 8 19
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Sorry I've been gone, I also apologize for me being so childish before...pfff what am I talking about, I am still childish XD haha I can control my anger better how bout that? Eh, anyway I have a new friend! :D his name is Adam and I probably scare the living crap out of him haha oh well!! Thats about it for me at ze moment...just wanted to say hi :)


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Name: Cassidy
Age: 16
Likes: Drawing, sleeping, eating, hanging with my friends, anime, FURUBA, the Halo games, and FMA FANSERVICE!!! :D
Dislikes: Being told what to do, waking up for school, no snacks, annoying brothers and school
Favorite Show: Furuba, FMA!!! :D

Current Residence: You dont need to know!
Favourite music: IDK!!
Favourite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: Ipod touch
Shell of choice: sand dollers
Skin of choice: Ummm what?
Favourite cartoon character: Kyo Sohma



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